Aerial Lift Training and Inspections

1 day training program for the Aerial Lift Operator or a 2 day course for the Aerial Lift Inspector. Inspections for your equipment available from federally accredited inspectors on monthly, quarterly, annual or quadrennial basis



Record keeping, compliance consultation, workplace safety






We offer Monthly - Quarterly - Annual - Quadrennial Inspection Services





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Aerial Lift Operator

This one day program consists of classroom instruction, audio, visual aids and real world applications. Hands on training is included. Our Instructors have spent many years of thier lives working from Aerial Lifts and keep up to date on the latest challenges and hazards of the new models. If you think todays Aerial Lifts work anything like those from 20 years ago, then you could be in grave danger. Todays Aerial devices can be vastly improved, but training about thier use and inspection is more essential now than ever before.

Course Outline:

Causes of Accidents and Prevention

Introduction to OSHA / ANSI

Platform design and use

Capacity limitations

Pre-use inspection

Fall protection / restraint

Hazard awareness

Practical (hands-on) training and qualification

Aerial Lift Inspector

This two day program consists of classroom instruction, audio, visual aids, hands on inspections techniques and real world applications. Students receive all course study material, reference manuals, and a certificate and wallet card. Our course can be held at your facility using your equipment or at our facility.

Course outline:

Frequent and periodic inspections

Inspection of safety devices

Evaluating deficiencies, major and minor

Unique exploration of design basics, metalurgy and analysis

Hazard Awareness

OSHA / ANSI / SIA / ASME and manufacturer compliance

Recordkeeping and documentation